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Spoken Dreams: Chelsea Sik, Actress and Model

Chelsea Sik is an aspiring actress and model currently attending USC’s prestigious BFA in acting program. Born in Malaysia, she realized her dream of acting at an extremely early age, and ultimately her ambition convinced her parents to let her move across the world to attend the elite Idyllwild Arts boarding school in the U.S.— regardless of the financial burden it would place on their family. As Chelsea’s dreams were finally taking shape, she began to realize the limits her ethnicity could place on her career, prompting her to work even harder to break barriers and be the best she could possibly be.

However, the largest obstacle standing in the way of Chelsea’s dreams is her student visa, preventing her from working professionally while living in the U.S. and rendering her future here uncertain. Despite this, Chelsea has remained resilient and positive throughout the entire experience by learning to find happiness in the “now,” knowing it’s all she can do for the next year until her visa expires.

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