Behind the Scenes at a Facility Where Professional Video Gamers Train for Hours Each Day

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Rich goes behind the scenes at an Esports training facility with the players that make a living playing video games!

Video games have become a multi-billion dollar industry and these days, people aren't just playing them, they're making an entire living off them. Recently we visited the new Playa Vista training facility of Gen.G, an Esports organization with additional offices in Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai, China.

Here, players spend hours each day training to play popular games including Fortnite, Overwatch and League of Legends. There's also a cafeteria for lunch and dinner, nap pods, live streaming rooms and a nearby pool and basketball court for a break from the games.

The company signs top players who then compete in Esports competitions for cash. Players earn a salary and share in the winnings. They also get a place to live and train.

We talked to 20-year old Madison Mann who goes by the nickname MaddieSunn. She told us she skipped college to play video games and it's basically a dream job.

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