Victorville Pharmacist Sentenced to Over 5 Years for Illegally Distributing Opioids, Money Laundering

Oasis Pharmacy in Victorville is seen in this image from Google Maps.

Oasis Pharmacy in Victorville is seen in this image from Google Maps.

A licensed pharmacist who illegally distributed opioids by filing hundreds of counterfeit prescriptions was sentenced to over 5 years in federal prison, prosecutors announced Monday.

Pauline Tilton, 50, of Hesperia, pleaded guilty on April 29 and was sentenced to 63 months for her role in a fraudulent prescription scheme over a one-year period that ended in July 2017.

Tilton was the owner of Oasis Pharmacy in Victorville, where prosecutors say she filed at least 345 fraudulent prescriptions for oxycodone under the name and DEA registration number of a retired doctor.

Tilton and Oasis Pharmacy illegally diverted about 62,100 tablets of oxycodone to the black market. Many of the oxycodone prescriptions also included prescriptions for alprazolam and promethazine with codeine. Prosecutors said those three drugs “comprise the ‘Holy Trinity,’ a frequently abused and life-threatening cocktail of controlled substances.”

For filing the fraudulent prescriptions, Tilton and Oasis Pharmacy were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash payments. Prosecutors said she deposited $268,621 from her drug distribution into three bank accounts which Tilton owned.

“Tilton, using defendant Oasis, profited handsomely for her criminal activity, which included injecting thousands of opioids and other lethal prescription drugs into a community that, like much of the country, is ravaged by the Opioid Crisis,” prosecutors said, according to court documents.

Along with the 63 months in federal prison, Tilton was ordered to pay a $30,000 fine. A judge placed Oasis Pharmacy on probation for one year.

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