Spoken Dreams: Bailee Payne, Aspiring Actress/Film & Television Wrtier

Bailee Payne is an aspiring actress and film and television writer. She was born in a small town in Minnesota. The daughter of a minister, Bailee grew up in a very conservative and religious household. Needless to say, when Bailee told her mother she wanted to attend a boarding school for performing arts so that she could pursue a career as an actress in Hollywood, it didn’t go over well.

However, Bailee would end up attending that school for a short time, and while there, her mind began to open up to new ideas that challenged the ideals of her fundamentalist upbringing. It was a culture shock for Bailee, and she put her dreams of being an actress aside after experiencing an identity crisis. She ended up attending a fundamentalist college in Oklahoma, but a seed had been planted. Bailee realized that her beliefs no longer aligned with the ones of her religious upbringing. Her dreams of moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a career in film and television were reignited, and she took the leap. Since then, her journey has been one of self-discovery, healing, and reconciliation.

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