Video: Deputies Rescue Wailing Bear Cub Trapped in Dumpster Outside Lake Tahoe-Area Motel

A bear cub had to be rescued after climbing into a dumpster outside a motel in the Lake Tahoe area and becoming stuck earlier this week, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

Deputies responded to the motel in Kings Beach on Tuesday morning after receiving a call regarding a trapped bear in a garbage bin outside the building, according to Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office.

When they arrived, deputies found the cub’s sibling on top of its mama’s back, apparently trying to open the dumpster to get the brother or sister out. The trapped cub’s wails could be heard in the footage.

The bears scattered as the patrol vehicles pulled up to the parking lot, according to video released by the Sheriff’s Office.

“Deputies Bryant, Staley and Nevins quickly came up with a game plan to free the cub from the dumpster,” the post read.

A deputy used a pole to open the bin’s lid, while another placed a ladder inside.

The bear cub then slowly climbed out of the dumpster, the video showed. He or she was last seen scurrying toward its mother and sibling, who waited nearby amid the rescue effort.

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