Tech Smart Tips: How to Copy and Paste on iOS Devices and the Focus Feature for Android

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Rich breaks down some cool features on Apple and Android devices! 

You know that Rich is always sharing the coolest tech stuff for you on TV but did you know he also shares some really interesting tips and tricks on his Instagram and Facebook?

Here’s a look at some of the videos he's shared recently!

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Copy and Paste on iOS Devices

For starters, did you know that you can copy and paste things between your Apple devices? Just make sure they’re both near each other, logged into the same iCloud account and the Bluetooth is turned on.

Then, just copy some text from one and paste it on the other! This works in Notes or let's say you find a web link on your iPad and want to text it to someone on your iPhone, the possibilities are endless.

This makes use of a feature called Handoff, just go into settings > general to make sure it’s turned on.

"Focus Mode" on Android

Next up, how about one for you Android folks out there! There’s a really cool new feature coming soon to Android phones called "Focus Mode."

Basically, you tell your phone the apps that distract you and then in one tap of the focus button those apps are disabled. They are greyed out so they don’t tempt you to click into them and you won’t see any notification from them either!

Keep in mind, this is all temporary, until you tap the focus button again and you’ll see any notifications you missed.

This feature is part of Google’s digital wellbeing app so watch for it there!

Rich on Tech Podcast 

Finally, are you listening to Rich's podcast? It’s called Rich on Tech and it’s where Rich talks more in depth about the Tech news he thinks you should know about!

He shares his thoughts on the latest gadgets he's testing and cool new apps and anything else that might affect you and believe me, it’s easy to understand! It’s not just for nerds!


Rich on Tech! Search for it in your podcast app or just hit play below to listen.

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