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Man Who Ran Heroin and Cocaine Delivery Service in the San Fernando Valley Gets Nearly 20 Years in Prison

A man who oversaw deliveries of heroin and cocaine in the San Fernando Valley was sentenced Monday to nearly 20 years in federal prison, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Sigifredo Gurrola Barrientos pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances in April 2018.

Barrientos, 42, ran “Manny’s Delivery Service” from 2013 until December 2017, when law enforcement officials busted the drug ring and discovered about 11 and a half pounds of heroin and just over a pound of cocaine at a so-called “stash house” in Van Nuys.

Authorities said Barrientos and a co-defendant possessed $434,327 in drug money that was also found at the house.

As part of what federal prosecutors have described as a “sophisticated, high-volume narcotics business,” authorities said Barrientos would obtain wholesale quantities of narcotics and maintain a fleet of vehicles to deliver them to street dealers and others.

He also managed employees, kept drug sale ledgers and arranged the storage and transportation of the narcotics and money made from them.

The delivery vehicles were equipped with hidden compartments to transport bulk amounts of cash and drugs, according to prosecutors. Others in the drug ring moved hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and obtained pound quantities of heroin.

The stash house was used to store bulk narcotics while smaller amounts were packaged and sold to customers from the drug ring’s main facility in Van Nuys. Delivery drivers would meet customers at different locations around the┬áSan Fernando Valley.

During one such instance in November 2014, prosecutors said, Barrientos coordinated the delivery of nearly one pound of heroin but law enforcement officials seized the drugs.

In a federal grand jury indictment charging him and 13 other people, Barrientos was named the lead defendant and has been in custody since his arrest in December 2017. Prosecutors said he is the last to be sentenced out of the 14 defendants charged in the indictment.

Others in the case have received up to 97 months in federal prison, or just over eight years.

Another three drug dealers associated with the drug ring were charged in separate indictments. They each pleaded guilty to distribution or possession with intent to distribute heroin and have been sentenced to up to 63 months in prison.

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