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Accused Crips Gang Members Charged With Selling Crack From Library, Minimart in Exposition Park

A Los Angeles Public Library branch in Exposition Park is seen in a Google Maps Street View image.

A Los Angeles Public Library branch in Exposition Park is seen in a Google Maps Street View image.

More than 20 alleged members of the Rollin’ 30s Harlem Crips gang in South Los Angeles were charged Wednesday in federal indictments accusing them of selling crack cocaine from a minimart, outside a public library and in a park, prosecutors said.

Ten of the defendants were arrested Wednesday, two were already in custody on unrelated charges and another nine remain at large, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California.

The main indictment alleges 39-year-old gang leader Angelo Gabriel Reed of Inglewood, aka “Maniac” and “Yacc,” prepared the drug in his kitchen and sold it from an Exposition Park library branch and a public park nearby.

Reed is accused of overseeing a crew that distributed more than 280 grams of crack cocaine from May 2017 to April 2018.

Another indictment charges Rollin’ 30s members with running a drug operation out of a minimart in Exposition Park that looked closed but was known to be a gang hangout, officials said.

Undercover agents twice went to the spot to buy drugs before serving a search warrant that turned up a .40-caliber pistol, ammunition, drug paraphernalia and baggies of cocaine, according to prosecutors.

If convicted as charged, the defendants could face decades in federal prison. For some, the minimum sentence possible would be 10 years.

Those arrested Wednesday were expected to be arraigned the same afternoon federal courtroom in downtown L.A.

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