Roll Sushi Like a Pro With Chef Masa From ONYX

Chef Masa Shimakawa of ONYX at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village is in the 5 Live studio to show us how to make sushi at home! From sourcing quality seafood, to cutting the fish and wrapping a perfect roll, Chef Masa shows us a technique using ingredients available at any super market.

Yes, there is a huge, huge knife. Actually, there are two of them. It’s wild. If you have trouble getting the hang of it, don’t fret; ONYX is welcoming Michelin starred Chef Ken Tominaga of Hana to join Chef Masa for a three night, four course Japanese collaboration from Thursday, October 3rd to Saturday, October 5th.

Find more here.

This segment aired Oct. 1, 2019 on KTLA 5 Live.

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