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Mom’s Viral Facebook Post Encourages Use of Blue Halloween Buckets to Raise Autism Awareness

A Hawaii mother’s Facebook post explaining the importance behind blue Halloween buckets has been shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook since it was posted Sunday.

In the viral post, Omairis Taylor wrote that her 3-year-old son has autism and is nonverbal. During Halloween last year, she said homes would wait for her son to say ‘trick or treat’ in order to give him a piece of candy.

“And there I go explaining the situation for the next five blocks,” Taylor wrote. “This year, we will be trying the BLUE BUCKET to signify he has autism.”

She went on to write: “Please allow him(or any other person with a BLUE BUCKET to enjoy this day and don’t worry I’ll still say TRICK OR TREAT for him, ill get my mom candy tax later 😁. This holiday is hard enough without any added stress. Thank you in advance.”

This isn’t the first time the color of a Halloween bucket was meant to signify a special meaning. The ‘Teal Pumpkin Project’ started a few years ago, with the teal-colored pumpkins meant to signify homes that hand out non-food treats.

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