iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4: Ultimate Camera Comparison

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Two top smartphone cameras, but which one takes better pictures? We're comparing the Google Pixel 4 versus Apple iPhone 11 Pro!

Google’s Pixel smartphone is known for its camera, but this year the iPhone 11 took a huge leap in picture quality. Recently, I took both phones out for a little photo comparison and the results are surprising.

Check the pics below and see what you think, I've put my thoughts all the way at the bottom!

Instagram Worthy Scene on iPhone

Instagram Worthy Scene on Pixel

Produce on iPhone

Produce on Pixel

Wide Angle on iPhone

No Wide Angle on Pixel

Selfie on iPhone

Selfie on Pixel

Sunset on iPhone

Sunset on Pixel

Under the Pier on iPhone

Under the Pier on Pixel

Dusk on iPhone

Dusk on Pixel

Malibu Sign on iPhone

Malibu Sign on Pixel

Stars on Pixel

Stars on Pixel

Overall, the Google Pixel 4 might technically take better still shots, but the iPhone 11 Pro is a more versatile shooter in wide variety of conditions.

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