LAFD Takes World’s First Fully Electric Fire Truck for a Spin Around Dodger Stadium

Not to be outdone by the Los Angeles Police Department’s test run with a Tesla patrol car, the L.A. Fire Department announced Thursday that it tried out the world’s first fully electric fire engine.

LAFD shared video of Chief Ralph Terrazas taking the Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck for a spin outside Dodger Stadium on its Instagram page.

“There’s no other one like it in the world right now,” Terrazas says in the video.

It’s unclear when exactly the local test took place, but Terrazas first posted a photo of the rig to his Instagram on Dec. 6.

The chief said “the acceleration is incredible, as well as the breaking.” He also noted that it has a diesel on-board generator as a backup power source.

The first CFT prototype was introduced in 2016, and Rosenbauer is now working with Volvo Penta in hopes of bringing it to market.

Because the majority of emergencies firefighters respond to last 30 minutes of less, demand on the power supply and battery would be minimal, according to the Menlo Park Fire District, which got to check out the truck this week.

“Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts which not only results in less wear and tear, but also maintenance, which often creates costly ‘down-time’ that can compromise our emergency readiness, response, reliability and overall public safety,” the agency said in a news release.

Rosenbauer announced last week that it will be working with Amsterdam’s fire department to test the fire truck over the next two years.

The company is also partnering with fire officials in Berlin, who are integrating hybrid fire engines into their fleet.

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