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An 11-year-old from Attica, New York bought a $400 camper and renovated it into a tiny home.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Lauren Nelson wanted to build a fort or clubhouse but learned it would be too expensive. So with her parents’ help, she turned her attention to finding a used RV. A neighbor just so happened to be selling a camper, and Lauren purchased it using her savings.

The old camper was full of junk and mice nests, but Lauren was determined to make it her own. Lauren’s family added another $500 to help her with the renovation cost.

Lauren got to work and painted the walls, installed new flooring, bought new bedding, and added flowers from her parents’ garden to spruce up her new playhouse.

Lauren’s mom, Aimee Nelson, told KTLA that they are amazed by the positive attention Lauren’s story has been getting. Lauren also loved hearing how she has inspired other people to renovate their own campers.