5 Live Gift Guide: Andy’s Picks

5 Live

KTLA Lead Guitarist Andy Riesmeyer put together a list of gifts perfect for musicians and people who love music.

Vinyl Record Coasters — For around $10 on Amazon, these drink coasters that look like miniature vintage records are perfect stocking stuffers for a musician or music lover. The designs are derivative of 70’s LP’s. It’s a kitschy way for the musician in your life to subtly share a love for music culture. More info here.

Output by Arcade — The perfect last-minute gift is a monthly subscription to a sample library that can be played like a virtual instrument. For $10 per month, Output by Arcade is a cost-effective program that can be used with almost any recording software. It’s great for a songwriter or music producer who wants to experiment with new sounds. Royalty-free, easy to use for beginners and powerful enough for experts, find out more here.

Boom 3 and Hyperboom from Ultimate Ears — Here’s a pair of wireless, bluetooth speakers that are stylish, rugged and sound great. UE’s Boom 3 packs big sound in a little, portable speaker that is waterproof for up to 30 minutes. For even bigger sound, we love the Hyperboom. It’s great for parties (whenever we can have those again) and sonically sublime while being loud enough the neighbors could call the cops. Pair a smartphone to multiple UE devices for whole home sound. It’s the closest you can get to a concert or nightclub without going back in time. Find the speakers here.

Fender Guitars, Fender Play — Everybody knows Fender. And while they make some of the most premium instruments on the planet, they also have something for everybody.  They’re just down the street from us in Hollywood and were kind enough to let us borrow an American Professional II Jazzmaster, a Duo Sonic that is way too good for its $599 price tag and their Billie Eilish ukulele. For those who already have the gear, Fender’s online learning resource Fender Play is a great place to level up. Find out more here

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