Appetizing, or abomination? The ‘Froot Loops’ pizza that’s sparking debate

5 Live

Move over, pineapple. There’s a new pizza topping that’s causing quite a stir in Iowa and beyond. It’s called the Loopy Fruits pizza. The dish consists of a sour cream and cream cheese sauce topped with mozzarella, and of course Froot Loops cereal. 
It’s topped off with a drizzle of Greek yogurt and condensed milk.
 Fong’s Pizza, a Des Moines pizzeria, is selling the Loopy Fruits Pizza as a breakfast option, and say it will be a permanent menu item. The pie has sparked some strong reactions on social media, with DiGiorno even tweeting “This is an insult to pizza, cereal and taste buds”.

This segment aired on 5 Live on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

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