Big Boi Filipino restaurant has become a fan favorite of patrons enjoying a Sunday afternoon on Sawtelle, although the food is phenomenal any day of the week. Big Boi is known for their unique flavors and their approachable presentation of Filipino cuisine. From their fried chicken and spaghetti to their juicy chicken adobo, their tangy pork sisig, their beloved crispy lumpia shanghai and their vibrant ube waffles, it doesn’t matter what’s on the menu, chances are, it’s delicious. 

Four years ago, any local could tell you Sawtelle was the place to score a plate of noodles, Chinese takeout, or sushi but since the arrival of Big Boi, they have completely changed the landscape of the restaurant scene on the popular main street. 

Chef Barb, the owner of Big Boi, named the restaurant after her late father who was nicknamed Big Boi, a popular show of affection in the Philippines, to honor his memory. Since then, Chef Barb has shared her grandma’s recipes with thousands of patrons who, like myself, have fallen in love with Filipino cuisine. 

To get a taste of Big Boi, visit them at 2027 Sawtelle Blvd. 

This segment aired on 5 Live July 20, 2022.