Controversial BMW iX looks absolutely stunning in person

5 Live

The controversially styled 2022 BMW iX is actually a pretty stunning vehicle in person, so says 5 Live’s (and self-appointed KTLA BMW obsessive) Andy Riesmeyer.

Why is this surprising? Since the first press materials dropped last year, the electric SUV has been the center of a love-it-or hate it debate over what a BMW should look like. In fact, the brand anticipated the new look might cause such a stir and preemptively called out would-be trolls in one of the car’s early promotional videos.

To check out how the car looked in person, Andy Riesmeyer and Robert Puente got to check it out the 2022 iX and i4 in person at the BMW’s exhibit at The Grove called [SPACE] by BMW. Spoiler alert: they loved both of them.

They got up close with the cars that BMW says are setting the tone for the future of the brand and discuss range, performance, charging time and some interesting quirks of the new cars.

Soon, you’ll also be able to see the cars up close and in person. Open to the public on June 4, [SPACE] by BMW features new vehicles on display from BMW and Mini. More details here.

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