COVID-19 Lockdown is bringing fathers closer to their kids, a new study shows

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A new article from the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) conducted a study that revealed many fathers feel closer to their children and want to create a new normal going forward.

The study asked over 1,000 Canadian fathers in an online survey how the COVID-19 lockdown impacted their roles as fathers and found that:

• 40% felt COVID-19 has had a positive impact on their role as a father;
• 52% were more aware of their importance as a father;
• 60% felt closer to their children;
• 61% have been providing companionship to their children more often, and;
• 56% have been providing guidance to their children more often

As a follow up to the online survey, virtual focus groups with 45 Canadian fathers were conducted by the Men`s Health Initiative.

Many fathers described a hectic family dynamic prior to COVID-19 with busy lives focused on long workdays with commuting, eating on the run, and catering to children`s schedules.

They also expressed their concern that they will experience tension between shifting back to the ‘old normal’ and a desire to create a new normal going forward.

“While it may be a challenge for many men to continue spending quality time with their families once the daily stresses of commuting and working long hours are reintroduced, the COVID silver linings can still have lasting benefits if the COVID-19 lockdown accelerates the movement of dads to be more engaged with their children,” says Dr. Larry Goldenbe the Founding Chair of CMHF. 

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This segment aired on June 29, 2020.

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