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Giovanni Moujaes is an emerging platforms video producer at KTLA.

Recent Articles
  • KTLA 360 Video: Urban Forestry With the L.A. Conservation Corps

    Hundreds of at-risk teens and young adults take part in environmental service projects around Los Angeles every year through the LA Conservation Corps. These corps members get training and paid work experience that can help them pursue green jobs – and city streets get more trees. Jump inside a skid-steer loader and hear from an urban forestry crew in 360 as part of our #LAsVeryOwn series, powered by Jeep.

  • KTLA 360 Video: Vasquez Rocks

    For nearly a century, production crews have flocked to Vasquez Rocks to film next to the unusual geological formation in Agua Dulce. The L.A. County park has made appearances in many TV shows, films and music videos, including “Star Trek,” “The Flintstones” movie and Michael Jackson’s “Black or White.” See this iconic filming location in 360 as part of our #LAsVeryOwn series sponsored by Jeep.

  • KTLA 360 Video: Drag Racing at Irwindale Speedway

    SoCal street racers can find a safe alternative to speeding down neighborhood roads and freeways at the Irwindale Speedway. Each week, during “Thursday Night Thunder,” drivers can pay to race and perform doughnuts in front of a crowd. Barrel down the strip in 360 as part of our #LAsVeryOwn series, powered by Jeep.

  • KTLA 360 Video: Fire Lookouts in the San Bernardino Mountains

    Every fire season, hundreds of volunteers climb up into tiny towers on mountaintops across California – and they live there, in shifts, for months. Their job is crucial: spotting plumes of smoke in the wilderness before small fires grow into massive blazes. They work in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies. Get a 360 tour of a lookout tower in the San Bernardino Mountains as part of our #LAsVeryOwn series, sponsored by Jeep.

  • KTLA 360 Video: Riverside National Cemetery on Memorial Day

    More than 200,000 flags were placed at Riverside National Cemetery on Memorial Day weekend to honor service members who have died. Honoring Our Fallen’s “A Flag For Every Hero” project was formed in 2012 and has since grown to over 2,000 volunteers who participate each Memorial and Veterans Day. Take a look at what the volunteers accomplished in 360 as part of our #LAsVeryOwn series, powered by Jeep.

  • KTLA 360 Video: Falconry at the O.C. Landfill

    Here’s a job you probably never knew existed: Skilled falconers are often hired to bring hawks and falcons to sites where they are needed to ward off other birds. Here, falconry veteran Adam Chavez and others deploy their birds of prey to monitor an Orange County landfill where other birds can pick up trash and spread disease into local neighborhoods. Experience this unusual scene as part of our #LAsVeryOwn series, powered by Jeep.

  • KTLA 360 Video: The Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles

    Hundreds of seals and sea lions arrive sick or injured at the Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles each year after becoming stranded on Southern California beaches. A team of dedicated staff and volunteers spends weeks helping the animals get healthy and ready to return to the ocean. Experience the kind of care these animals get – and see two of them released on the shore – in 360 as part of KTLA’s #LAsVeryOwn series, powered by Jeep.

  • KTLA 360 Video: The 29th Great L.A. River Cleanup

    More than 100 tons of trash are collected from the Los Angeles River by thousands of volunteers every April. La Gran Limpieza has been organized by Friends of the Los Angeles River for nearly three decades. It’s the largest urban river cleanup in the U.S. You can help out during upcoming events on April 21 and 28. Take a look in 360 as part of KTLA’s #LAsVeryOwn series, powered by Jeep.

  • KTLA 360 Video: The L.A. Kings Zambonis

    The Zamboni has been a staple of sporting events on the ice for decades, keeping optimal conditions on the rink for skaters and hockey players alike. Take a ride on one during an LA Kings game at Staples Center as part of KTLA’s #LAsVeryOwn series, powered by Jeep.