Jason is vice president and news director at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles. Since joining the station in September 2008, he has more than doubled the amount of television news programming at the station from 32 hours a week to 78.5 hours. The newsroom also produces 10 hours of live-streaming-only news, Alexa flash briefings and an array of podcasts. Under his leadership, the KTLA 5 Morning News has become the highest-rated newscast in Southern California.

Prior to KTLA, Jason spent seven years in Los Angeles at KCBS-TV, KCAL-TV and KNBC-TV as an executive producer and producer. He oversaw different dayparts, special projects and emerging technologies.

A 27-year veteran of local television news, he’s also worked at WREG-TV in Memphis, Tennessee, where he covered stories such as the West Memphis Three, and WPLG-TV in Miami, covering the murder of Gianni Versace and the Elian Gonzalez saga.

Jason is the host of The News Director’s Office, a podcast about local media and its importance. He is also a backyard beekeeper and fifth generation Arkansan.

Recent Articles
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    On this episode in the office, Jason and Bobby are joined by KTLA sports anchor and reporter David “Ping” Pingalore. He shares the origins of his nickname Ping, and coming up as a sports journalist in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio before settling in Los Angeles. Ping also recounts some career highlights, including interviewing (and partying) with a young LeBron James during his Cleveland days, and playing nine holes of golf with the legendary Arnold Palmer. Ping also shares his Super […]

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    In this episode, it’s a fun chat with KTLA reporter Erin Myers! Erin recounts having to unexpectedly cover breaking news live on the air on her first day at KTLA. She also talks about her distinguished “cat lady” status, and shares stories about her 5 cats and 2 dogs. Erin also talks about her training for the Los Angeles Marathon, and the very special reason why she decided to participate this year. Episode quote “I’m better than I used to […]

  • Growing From Failure With Mel Robbins | The News Director’s Office

    Mel Robbins is a motivational speaker, author, and host of The Mel Robbins Show, which airs nationwide and on KTLA at 4PM. Mel shares how failure is essential to growth, and reveals the personal struggles she lived through and learned from that ultimately led her to success. Mel also explains why you should stop following your passion, and reveals the thing you should do instead. Plus, she breaks down the 5 Second Rule, and how to use it to achieve […]

  • What’s in a Name? With Steve Kuzj | The News Director’s Office

    On this episode of the podcast, KTLA reporter Steve Kuzj tries to convince us he’s not a superhero. Steve breaks down his family history, and the origin of his unique name. He shares how he originally wanted to be “the world’s greatest fighter,” and how he eventually landed in journalism. Steve also talks about his martial arts training, his time in the boy scouts, and his life as a father. Related show links: Steve Kuzj’s KTLA Bio Steve Kuzj on […]

  • Owning the Moment With Wendy Burch | The News Director’s Office

    We are starting the new year with a bang as Jason and Bobbychat with KTLA’s one and only Wendy Burch! Wendy talks about her childhood growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah and the moment she knew she wanted to be a television journalist. Wendy also shares how she eventually made Los Angeles her home, and the importance of “owning the moment” in her live reporting. She also opens up about motherhood and raising her son Brady, and discovering her […]

  • Knowing Better & Doing Better with Kathleen Bade | The News Director’s Office

    Kathleen Bade is the primetime anchor for the Fox 5 News in San Diego. She is also one of the co-hosts for KTLA’s Rose Parade pre-coverage. Kathleen makes the trip up from “America’s Finest City” to join Jason and Bobby in the office to chat about what’s in store for this year’s Rose Parade coverage. She also shares stories from her career, including how she got her start as a weathercaster, and why she almost left her journalism career altogether. […]

  • Like A Rolling Stone with Tim Chan | The News Director’s Office

    Tim Chan is the Lifestyle & Market Editor for Rolling Stone Magazine. Tim describes growing up with a passion for writing. Raised in a traditional Chinese family in Toronto, Tim initially didn’t consider writing as a professional career. Eventually, he would attend grad school for journalism at Columbia University. He got his start in television at NY1despite always having an interest in print journalism. Tim shares how he later co-founded Corduroy Magazine. Tim also shares his thoughts on personal branding, […]

  • ‘Your Face Smells Like Peppermint!’ with Jonathan Bennett | The News Director’s Office

    On this fetch episode of the podcast, Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett stops by to talk about career, carbs, Christmas, and more! Jonathan shares behind-the-scenes stories from hosting Cake Wars, Halloween Wars, and the newest cake competition, Holiday Wars. Jonathan also opens up about his career and how the path unfolded for him. He also reveals his true feelings about being recognized as his Mean Girls role, Aaron Samuels, on a daily basis. Episode quotes “Find out who you are […]

  • Radical Candor With Author Kim Scott | The News Director’s Office

    Kim Scott is the co-founder of Radical Candor, LLC and the author of Radical Candor: Be A Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity. On this episode of the podcast, Kim joins Jason and Bobby to discuss the management philosophy that emphasizes “caring personally while challenging directly.” Kim explains the Radical Candor framework and understanding behavior, management pitfalls to avoid, as well as worthwhile advice on positive leadership. Episode quotes “Make sure that you are seeing each person on your team […]

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