Jason is vice president and news director at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles. Since joining the station in September 2008, he has more than doubled the amount of television news programming at the station from 32 hours a week to 78.5 hours. The newsroom also produces 10 hours of live-streaming-only news, Alexa flash briefings and an array of podcasts. Under his leadership, the KTLA 5 Morning News has become the highest-rated newscast in Southern California.

Prior to KTLA, Jason spent seven years in Los Angeles at KCBS-TV, KCAL-TV and KNBC-TV as an executive producer and producer. He oversaw different dayparts, special projects and emerging technologies.

A 27-year veteran of local television news, he’s also worked at WREG-TV in Memphis, Tennessee, where he covered stories such as the West Memphis Three, and WPLG-TV in Miami, covering the murder of Gianni Versace and the Elian Gonzalez saga.

Jason is the host of The News Director’s Office, a podcast about local media and its importance. He is also a backyard beekeeper and fifth generation Arkansan.

Recent Articles
  • The News Director’s Office: Climbing the Ladder With Rich Goldner

    On this episode of the podcast, Jason sits down with fellow news director of Fox 5 in San Diego, Rich Goldner. Rich details his journey from production assistant to news director and the prehistoric “social network” that he used to do so. He also opens up about his time working as the vice president/news director at KTLA, his travels, and what it takes to be an effective leader. Related show links: Fox 5 News Subscribe to “The News Director’s Office”: via iTunes | RSS […]

  • The News Director’s Office: Landing on the Moon With Charlie Duke

    To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Jason and Bobby talk with astronaut Charlie Duke. Duke served as CAPCOM for the Apollo 11 Mission in 1969, becoming the voice of Mission Control. In 1972, Duke served as the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 16 and became the tenth and youngest person to walk on the Moon. In this episode, Charlie Duke shares the harrowing minutes leading up Apollo 11 landing. He also opens up about his […]

  • The News Director’s Office: Living the Dream With Lauren Lyster

    On this episode of the podcast, Jason sits down with KTLA reporter Lauren Lyster. Lauren details her unusual path to broadcast journalism and the “quarter-life crisis” that prompted a career change. She also opens up about the difficulties she faced working in network news and the unlikely inside source that helped her land a job at KTLA. Related show links: Lauren Lyster Bio Twitter Subscribe to “The News Director’s Office”: via iTunes | RSS Jason on social media: Twitter | Instagram Bobby on social media: Instagram About the […]

  • The News Director’s Office: Telling the Story With Megan Telles

    On this episode of the podcast, Jason sits down with one of KTLA’s newest reporters, Megan Telles. Megan details her career trajectory, what she thinks about working at KTLA, and describes how she knew she wanted to be a reporter. She also opens up about the difficulties of breaking into the business, what returning to Los Angeles means to her, and her impending motherhood. Related show links: Megan Telles Bio Instagram | Twitter Subscribe to “The News Director’s Office”: via iTunes | RSS Jason […]

  • The News Director’s Office: Abolishing Slavery & Sex Trafficking With Kay Buck

    On this episode of the podcast, Jason sits down with CEO of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) Kay Buck. Kay breaks down the logistics of sex trafficking, why it happens in Los Angeles, and what holds victims back from recovery. She also opens up about why she started CAST and details the fundamental values behind the organization. Related show links: Kay Buck Bio CAST Subscribe to “The News Director’s Office”: via iTunes | RSS Jason on social media: Twitter | Instagram Bobby on social […]

  • The News Director’s Office: July 4th Movie Favorites With Scott Mantz

    Happy Independence Day! On this episode of the podcast, Jason and Bobby celebrate the July 4th holiday with a little American history lesson. Film critic and movie expert Scott Mantz also joins in the fun by counting down his top 5 patriotic films. “Movie Mantz” also shares how he was able to turn his passion for film into a successful career, and Bobby shares some new facts about everyone’s favorite patriot, Dolly Parton. Related show links: MovieMantz.com Scott Mantz on […]

  • The News Director’s Office: Making Homes Sweeter with Jean Brownhill

    On this episode of the podcast, Jessica takes over and interviews Jean Brownhill, CEO and founder of contractor-matchmaking company Sweeten. After a horrible experience trying to renovate her own Brooklyn townhouse, Jean decided to found Sweeten to streamline the contracting and renovation process. Jean talks about being one of the only African-Americans in her field and the difficulties of getting her business off the ground. She also opens up about her dyslexia and how it manifested a natural affinity for […]

  • The News Director’s Office: Rich DeMuro Takeover With Leo Laporte

    This week, Rich DeMuro (Rich on Tech podcast) takes over for Jason Ball while he’s out of the office. Rich interviews podcasting pioneer Leo Laporte, founder of podcast network TWiT.tv and host of nationally syndicated radio show “The Tech Guy.” Leo talks about how he got his start in broadcasting, his original idea to call podcasts “netcasts,” and how the landscape for radio has changed. Leo also holds nothing back when sharing some of the more challenging experiences he’s had […]

  • The News Director’s Office: The Social Life with Shally Zomorodi

    On this episode of the podcast, Jason sits down with Fox 5 San Diego Morning News anchor Shally Zomorodi. Shally details her path to broadcasting. After nearly pursuing a future in law, Shally’s broadcasting career was kick-started by winning a prize at the Miss California pageant. She also opens up about her large presence on social media and how it has affected her family. Related show links: Shally Zomorodi Bio Shally on social media: Instagram  | Facebook Subscribe to “The News […]

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