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  • Have You Been Drinking Flame Retardant?

    (KTLA) – The makers of Gatorade say they will no longer be using an ingredient linked to flame retardant in their sports drinks. “Brominated vegetable oil” is a synthetic chemical that has been used in Europe as a flame retardant. The company says it has been exploring a way to remove the ingredient for more than a year, without affecting the flavor of their drinks. More than 2,000 people signed a petition on, asking Gatorade to remove the chemical. […]

  • BFFs: 500-Pound Lion and 11-Pound Wiener Dog

    WYNNEWOOD, OKLAHOMA (KTLA) – Bonedigger and Milo are truly BFFs — despite their noticeable differences. Bonedigger happens to be a ferocious carnivore, a 500-pound lion and the undisputed King of the Jungle. Milo, on the other hand, is an 11-pound dachshund who could hardly strike fear in the heart of any living creature. But the two — both five years old — were introduced to each other when they were very young, and they’ve been all but inseparable ever since. […]

  • California Scores Goose-Egg on ‘Top Ten Beaches’ List

    MIAMI, FLORIDA – Just in time for beachgoers on Memorial Day, a professor in Florida has released his list of ‘Top Ten Beaches’ in the U.S. — and California has scored a big goose-egg, placing none of our beaches in his top ten. Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman — known to many as “Dr. Beach” — is a professor at Florida International University in Miami. Leatherman evaluated 650 beaches, applying 50 different criteria to create his top ten list. Among the […]

  • FBI Investigates LAPD SWAT Officers Over Gun Sales

    LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – The FBI has launched its own investigation of members of the Los Angeles Police Department, looking into whether or not officers broke the law by buying and reselling custom-made handguns for profit. In particular, the FBI is reviewing the conduct of members of the LAPD’s SWAT and Special Investigations units. Federal authorities opened the investigation after LAPD officials themselves alerted them to the possible violations. Suspicions in connection with the gun sales first arose back in […]

  • Local High School Student Gets His ‘Super’ Prom Date

    SANTA MONICA, CA (KTLA) – You have to give him props for his courage. Milken Community High School senior Jake Davidson set his sights high for his high school prom, by releasing a YouTube video asking supermodel Kate Upton to be his date for the prom. But when it turned out that Kate was working on a movie and unavailable, another stunning supermodel stepped in, answering Jake’s hunt for a date. Danish supermodel Nina Agdal — best known for her […]

  • Report: Don’t Get Burned by Overpriced Sunscreens

    LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – If you’re headed out into the sunshine for the long Memorial Day weekend, researchers at Consumer Reports advise you not to get burned by overpriced sunscreens. The consumer group reports their findings that less expensive store-brand sunscreens often do a better job than their costly designer-salon counterparts of protecting you from harmful rays. Among a dozen popular sunscreens, three of the four top-scoring brands were from large national store chains, and were judged to be more […]

  • Difficult Rebuilding Process Underway in Oklahoma Tornado Towns

    MOORE, OKLAHOMA – Amid the rubble and devastation in their community following Monday’s crushing tornado that many are calling ‘The Grinder,’ high school seniors in Moore, OK were scheduled on Saturday (May 25) to celebrate their graduation. It is an attempt to return to normalcy and happier activities after the bruising twister — a category EF-5 storm, the strongest measurable.  The tornado killed 24 people and injured scores more, and damaged or destroyed an estimated 12,000 homes. The clean-up process […]

  • Two Shot, One Killed at Graduation Party in East L.A.

    EAST LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – Two adult males were shot — and one of the men died from his wounds — in the early morning hours Saturday (May 25) at a family graduation party in East Los Angeles. The party was being held at a residence in the 600 block of McDonnell Ave. when, around 2:50 a.m., LAPD officers responded to a call of ‘shots fired’ at the gathering. Police say an uninvited guest had come to the party and […]

  • A True Homecoming Surprise, Hiding Behind Home Plate

    TAMPA, FLORIDA — One lucky fan at a baseball game in Tampa was far luckier than she could have ever imagined. Nine-year-old Alayna Adams got the surprise of her life when she threw out the first pitch to start the game. Alayna had been told that she’d been selected by the U.S.O. to throw out the pitch in honor of her father, Col. Will Adams, who’d been deployed overseas for the past two years. But after Alayna threw the pitch, […]

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