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  • Digital Weight Lifting Could Be the Future of Working Out

    Weight rooms at the gym can be intimidating, which is why there’s a new machine that gives you a high tech personal training session right at home.

  • AI Startup Scans Security Cam Feeds for Guns, Violence to Spot Potential Crimes

    We talk to a startup called Athena Security that is outfitting security camera systems with special software that can recognize guns, knives, violence and even slips and falls. The software notifies authorities that there is an issue potentially before the situation escalates so they can step in and take appropriate action.

  • OnePlus 7 Pro: Great Phone, Even Better Price Tag

    Rich is in New York City for the launch of the new OnePlus 7 Pro. He’s going hands on with the beautiful new android phone which has three cameras on the back – one being a 48 megapixel camera! It also has a front-facing camera for selfies, which pops up right out of the top of the phone. Rich has been using the phone for a few weeks and it has been one of his favorite android phones. It also […]

  • Hands On With Google’s Nest Hub Max

    Google has a new device that is a security camera, photo display, voice assistant and TV all in one! Rich goes hands on with the new device. Last year, Google introduced the Home Hub – a small display that shows your pictures, plays music and does voice commands. Now, Google is adding a bigger screen, camera and more features to the mix in a new device called the Google Nest Hub Max.

  • Facebook’s Upcoming Changes Explained

    We take a look at Facebook’s big changes, including a pledge for a more private social network. Plus, a new site design that is bright and ditches the signature Facebook blue. Rich looks at the new Messenger features like desktop apps for Mac and PC, dating features including a Secret Crush finder, and how Instagram is letting you buy stuff, collect donations and hide the number of likes posts are getting.

  • Apple Watch Lost at Sea Washes Up 6 Months Later and It Still Works

    We talk to a guy who lost his Apple Watch body surfing, only to have it returned in working condition 6 months later!

  • Tech Smart News: Free Music, Blackberry Instant Messenger and the Rich On Tech Podcast

    Rich has the latest tech updates for what’s happening in the tech world! Google and Amazon are now giving you free music with their smart speakers. Plus, Blackberry Instant Messenger goes away for good on May 31, 2019. Finally, you should check out the Rich On Tech Podcast where Rich talks about the things he thinks you should know about happening in the tech world: tech news, gadgets, cools apps and more.

  • A Place Where Children Create and Publish Their Very Own Storybooks

    We got the chance to visit a  place where children can use their imagination to create their own storybooks! Storymakery is the country’s only self-publishing retail experience where kids build their own illustrated storybook. Books are an essential part of childhood and now, thanks to technology not only can kids read them, but write them too. At a place called Storymakery imaginations run wild. It’s located at the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine. “I’ve always loved creative writing. It’s something […]

  • Solo is a Single Seater Electric Car That’s Half the Price of Tesla

    Rich got to check out the electric car that’s half the price of a Tesla and rides like a motorcycle! The car is called Solo and it’s made by Electra Meccanica, a Canadian car company. It can go 100 miles on a charge and up to 80 miles an hour. It costs about $16,000. The car is actually classified as a motorcycle since it has three wheels.

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