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(Motor Authority) Select Dodge dealerships across the country, numbering close to 100, have opened the doors to a new business catering specifically to performance enthusiasts.

Known as the Dodge Power Brokers, these dealerships are the exclusive home to new factory-backed performance parts developed under Dodge’s Direct Connection program announced last November.

The Power Brokers dealerships have on-hand the equipment and staff to handle the Direct Connection parts. They also have specialists who can provide information on performance not only for the street but also the track. Some of the Direct Connection parts have been designed specifically for track use, including even a body-in-white that can be used to build a drag racer.

The parts can be viewed and ordered via the new website Currently, there are parts available for the Challenger, Charger and Durango. Sorry, Journey owners. A detailed catalog with all of the parts will also be available for purchase from the spring.

Dodge said the Power Brokers network covers 34 states at present and will be expanded in the coming months. When Direct Connection parts are installed by a Power Brokers dealership, a car’s original factory warranty is maintained.