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(Our Auto Expert) — Big news from Mazda. The company has admitted it is becoming a premium brand with the launch of its brand-new CX50. You may have noticed that Mazda becoming more of a premium brand over the past few years. After questioning, Mazda admitted such but was quick to point out that it will remain part of the non-premium segment. 

The new Mazda CX50 fills the gap that the CX-5 could not. For the first time, Mazda has upped the game, allowing this vehicle to tow. The CX50 can tow 3500 pounds and that makes a big difference for a vehicle that fulfills many roles. For instance, a family hauler and a vehicle that can go to vacation hubs. Studies show that we expect more out of a vehicle. Nowadays more safety, tech, luxury, and capability are all in demand. 

Mazda made the CX50 to be a vehicle that you could put right in the middle of nature and being a vehicle specially made for the Great Outdoors. Mazda has made this vehicle to traverse some of the most exciting outdoor Tundras 

Mazda took time to consider cargo and loading procedures. The logistics of how things would be stacked on the roof and how strong the support would need to be. Also the height of the roof and the simplicity for everyone to get equipment on and off the roof. 

 A similar tactic was used regarding the cargo in the back. Mazda made the liftgate wider and made the storage wider rather than deeper. So you didn’t have to unload things to find something that was in the back of the cargo space.  

Although Mazda doesn’t like it when you say the words “zoom zoom,” because that is a marketing position they lost many years ago. It still does have those driving Dynamics. However it is an exciting vehicle to drive and for a CUV, the sport mode is something else. It even goes over 100 miles an hour. Although I won’t admit to testing that on the roads of California.  

The tech has some advances. On the inside, Mazda has equipped the new CX 50 with a 10.25-inch screen that has all the things you’d expect from a modern CUV. The 2023 Mazda CX 50 rolls off the discovery line at Mazda’s new Huntsville, Alabama plant. Mazda and Toyota Manufacturing is a $2.3 billion joint venture partnership between Mazda Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation.  

The first-ever CX50 produced in the U.S. is made specifically for the North American Market.