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Ring Games, NFT RPG "Stella Fantasy" to focus on strengthening partnership ahead of global launch early this year

'2023, the Year of Stella Fantasy'

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Strengthening community solidarity ahead of global launch, "Stella Fantasy" gains attention from various partnerships

Ahead of their global launch of character collection NFT RPG "Stella Fantasy", 'Ring Games Co., Ltd.' (Ring Games, CEO Yoon Joo-ho) announced their determination to make 2023 the 'year of Stella Fantasy' by strengthening community solidarity and external partnerships. 

"Stella Fantasy" is currently more than 95% developed with additional content such as a communication system between users and 'Team Tag Battle' content in development for global release early this year. Using the active operation of existing communities centered around Discord and Twitter as a stepping stone, Ring Games has recently embarked on a full-fledged expansion of personnel for multilingual support while also showing rapid progress in securing external partnerships on data analysis and payment systems.

"Stella Fantasy" has been actively communicating with its community members through periodic AMA (Ask Me Anything, conversation with the developer team) and live broadcasting 2-3 times a month since last fall. Additionally, they secured a global user pool from more diverse countries during the past Christmas season through events with web3 gaming platform, Earn Alliance.

"Stella Fantasy" is accelerating preparations for onboarding in foresight of global expansion. They have signed an MOU with 'Thirdwave', a company specializing in blockchain data analysis to expand the base of the global web3 game market, and global payment solutions company 'Xsolla' to discuss the introduction of a payment system in preparation for the influx of not only web3 but also web2 gamers.

Ring Games CEO Yoon Joo-ho emphasized that "'Stella Fantasy' was designed to overcome the limitations of existing P2E games, and to help Web2 gamers contribute in building a healthy Web3 ecosystem through the release of Web3 games. We wish to make 2023 the year of Stella Fantasy.

"Stella Fantasy", who successfully closed the private funding round last year by attracting a total investment of more than 6 million USD, has been invited to various events both domestic and overseas, including Binance Blockchain Week held in Paris and Thailand Game Show. With the two NFT pre-sales and two beta tests that ended in success, "Stella Fantasy" plans to launch early this year and a full-fledged launch campaign is scheduled to begin in January.


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