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Arlin Jordin Washington - Spokane Designer To Launch New Line Of Limited Edition Sneakers On October 25

Shoe designer from Arlin Washington dropping next month.

SPOKANE, LOUISIANA, USA, September 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Many will be excited to hear that Arlin Jordin Washington, one of the most successful, innovative, and forward-looking designers to emerge from Spokanes Concordia Parish, Louisiana, has decided to focus his attention on futuristic shoe design that is dropping October 25, 2022.

Arlin Washington has been working diligently on this newfound passion of his already for some time now. And the interested parties will get to see the results during the upcoming launch on October 25 of Arlin Jordin Washington's futuristic HAARD shoe design. The same event will also see the limited edition release of 100 Arlin Washington HAARD shoes.

According to the soon to be famous shoe designer, he has been interested in shoe architecture after seeing the success of Kayne Wests Yeezees when he was in his early teens.

Arlin had been working on and off on his shoe design project for the last couple of years and he would get to it whenever he could squeeze out some free time from his otherwise extremely busy schedule trying to make it out of the "hood" as he said on his TikTok. Although his involvement with a variety of design projects meant that he had little time to devote to his interest until now he hopes to make up for lost time.

As for why he chose to enter the limited edition release market, Arlin Jordin Washington's reply was that he wanted to offer the sneaker enthusiasts and collectors a viable and less expensive (although equally good in terms of quality and design) option to limited supply editions periodically unleashed on the market by leading global shoe & apparel brands.

In fact, this limited edition sneakers trend has become so popular in the space of the last decade that the investment bank Cowen Inc. has remarked these products to constitute 'an emerging alternative asset class.' This is chiefly due to the demand these products have in the resale market.

For example, when the Kaney West designed Adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V1 and V2 lim. editions were launched back in 2020, the official retail prices were $200 and $220 for the V1 and V2 line, respectively. However, in the resale market, the prices went up to two to six (!) times of the original price. In fact, at one time, the lowest resale price of a YEEZY Boost 350 at eBay was a jaw-dropping $1,800.

Many opine that the original prices of these sneakers are often ridiculously high (if the YEEZY sneakers sound expensive, what one is to say about a pair of Air Dior that had an original price tag of ---hold your breath here--- $2,400!) and that the brands exploit the sneakers culture and craze among the Millennials and Gen Z.

And Arlin JordinWashington makes no secret of the fact that he sees Adidas YEEZY as his most direct competition and he compares himself coming from Spokane a tiny Southern town vs. Kayne coming out of Chicago a mega midwest city. The designer also makes clear that he has nothing against the collectible sneakers market as such, but only as long as local and small- and medium-sized enterprises can have a piece of the pie, too. Which is however not the case at the moment with the heavyweight multinational brands entirely hogging the market.

HAARD: The Arlin Washington Shoe Design

The first batch of shoes designed for a limited edition supply of 100 in its first run (with intentions to launch more runs in the future) has been named HAARD by its designer. As of now, little information is available as to the design and other details of the shoes. However, it has been known that the shoes come in extremely modern and futuristic designs and that they exude true luxury and elegance. The sneakers will also be available in different color schemes.

Those interested and eager can have a sneak peek at the designs here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkBiGsGJHYQ

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