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HomeGardenandHomestead.com selects the best gifts for gardeners in the 2022 holiday season

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The Banana Shrub Plant (Magnolia figo) produces beautiful creamy yellow flowers with a sweet, banana-like aroma.

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The Cobra Head Weeder is an outstanding weed puller, digging tool, and planting tool.

Shopping for holiday gifts for gardeners is easier than ever. Home, Garden and Homestead has released its annual list of the best gifts for gardeners.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Shopping for holiday gifts for the gardeners in life is easier than ever. The editors of Home Garden and Homestead have released their annual picks for the best gifts for gardeners. This year’s list includes great garden tools, indoor plants, garden seeds, stocking stuffers, and more.

“All of the gifts on our Best Gifts for Gardeners list will bring joy to a gardener’s heart and a smile to his or her face,” said Randy Schultz, Content Editor for Home Garden and Homestead. “All the gifts on this list are available for easy online shopping, and they can all arrive before the Christmas holiday.”
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Gardeners love to grow live plants indoors, and the Banana Shrub Plant is a great choice for gardeners and homeowners. This tropical plant will delight throughout the year with beautiful flowers and gorgeous foliage.

The Banana Shrub Plant isn’t a banana plant at all. It’s in the magnolia family (Magnolia figo). The name refers the sweet, banana-like aroma of its beautiful creamy yellow flowers. It produces the most flowers in the late winter and early spring, just when a splash of color and a pleasant scent are needed most. This plant only reaches 2-4 feet tall and wide, so it fits nicely in most indoor rooms. A plant in a 4-inch pot is available from www.logees.com for $19.95.

Here’s a gift that makes it easy to grow microgreens right on a kitchen counter. The Kitchen Garden Gift Set from Botanical Interests contains organic seeds for microgreens and baby salad greens, a growing tray, and a pair of mini snips. Just plant the seeds in the growing tray and add water. The seeds can be sown every few weeks for a steady supply of delicious, vitamin-filled greens. These mild-flavored greens are a great addition to any salad. Available at https://shrsl.com/3s22l.

The CobraHead Weeder is a made-in-America success story. It is named for the shape of the steel digging blade. (Yes, it really does look like the shape of a cobra head.) The CobraHead Weeder might be the best tool ever made for digging out weeds from a garden or lawn. The tempered steel blade is also a great tool for digging and cultivating.

The blue handle, which is made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood fiber, fits well in your hand and is comfortable to use. The handle never gets loose because it is molded around the blade. In addition to the original CobraHead Weeder, there is also a CobraHead Mini that’s perfect for smaller hands and smaller weeding jobs. Both CobraHead tools are available online at Amazon.

It’s way easier to grow wildflowers than you think. And a wildflower meadow doesn’t have to be huge. Those are the two themes in a delightful small book called Mini Meadows by Mike Lizotte.

Mini Meadows is packed with colorful photos of a host of wildflower gardens that easily fit on suburban yards—and even in containers. The book gives details about prepping the soil for planting wildflower seeds, and it includes tips for maintaining a garden of wildflowers. A wonderful holiday present for the gardener in your life (or for yourself). Available from Amazon.

View the entire list of the best gifts for gardeners at https://homegardenandhomestead.com/gifts-for-gardeners-holiday-season/ .

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