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Israeli Artist Tomer Peretz Intersects Fashion, Activism, and Tech with 'War Is Over' Collection

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"War Is Over" is repurposed military jackets with non-detachable digital assets -- the first collection from Tomer Peretz's line of custom apparel art pieces

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Today, Israeli artist Tomer Peretz dropped a limited fashion collection called “War Is Over,” featuring one-of-one repurposed military jackets with a crypto element. Each piece is hand designed by Tomer and can be scanned to verify the work as an NFT, allowing the owner to authenticate the piece. The carefully crafted jackets help consumers escape fast fashion and monotonous clothing options. Intending to create a cross-section between streetwear and technology, and the desire to tell a story through his work, this collection is making a statement. Each piece will be a conversation starter reflecting the designer's personal style. These limited edition pieces push the boundary of what is acceptable and promote his message of no more war.

Tomer Peretz is an Israeli Defense Forces veteran living and working in Los Angeles. His visual work is displayed at his gallery in DTLA; he’s collaborated with Val Kilmer; and is represented by Giancarlo Pedrazzi at the ‘Fabbrica Eos’ gallery in Milan, Italy. Since his early childhood in Jerusalem, Tomer Peretz has centered his artworks around the intrapersonal relationships in his life for an intimate take on portraiture. A pinnacle point in Peretz’s life was serving in the Israeli Military in multiple locations around the Middle East, which inspired this latest collection, ‘War Is Over.’ Through the transformative process of repurposing military garments and incorporating his art, the artist imbues them with a new, symbolic meaning - one of peace and the end of war. These modified jackets manifest Tomer’s vision, transcending their original purpose to embody his ideals.

Tomer Peretz Apparel is a departure from the artist’s usual mediums. In this project, Peretz aims to create collections that reflect his art and can be worn by ordinary people. This will allow consumers to experience Peretz’s art in a more accessible way and help establish a new fashion movement that combines art and technology. Each piece is crafted with the same attention to detail and authenticity found in Peretz’s other works. The “War Is Over” Collection includes repurposed military jackets with non-detachable digital assets known as “Crypto Art.” Using smartphones, consumers can scan and access the jacket’s information, including the narrative behind the piece, the materials, its inherent value, and photos of the jacket itself. This also verifies the authenticity and tracks the jacket’s history as it is passed on to others. Each jacket is one-of-a-kind with no duplicates in existence.

More About The “War Is Over” Collection

Meet the jacket that has a story to tell. This is a limited edition piece from Tomer Peretz’ “War Is Over” collection that pushes the boundaries of what is considered politically correct. With pure honesty and good fun, it exudes an edge that is both authentic and unapologetic. But what sets this jacket apart is that it was created from materials used during the war.

The artist behind this unique creation had a vision to turn military jackets into fashion, signifying the end of conflict and the desire for peace. Inspiration for this project also came from the artist’s inclination to connect their art with technology, so he collaborated with a start-up company to plant a chip inside each jacket, enabling the buyer to own the piece as Crypto Art. This will also authenticate the jacket and track its history when passed on to others.

Each one-of-a-kind jacket in this collection features an extension of wool or denim that has been used on other jackets in the past, both inside and outside the jacket. This adds an extra layer of warmth and style to the jacket, making it perfect for colder weather. To add an extra touch of personality to these jackets, the artist has also added studs, adding a touch of edgy style to the military aesthetic.

The jacket’s tight weave and chemical treatment make it windproof and water resistant, ensuring that it will protect you from the elements in any situation. The OG-107 design, complete with an aluminum zipper reminiscent of the M-51,

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