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Mike McDevitt Sets Sights on Organic Investments

Michael McDevitt in front of a car in the snow

Michael McDevitt

Michael McDevitt-

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES , February 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Michael McDevitt brings strategies to save businesses through strategic investment and business advisory. McDevitt has shown to be an asset to various businesses and has never failed to show his generosity to businesses as an investor. Recently Mcdevitt has opened his arms to businesses in need of a corporate direction showcasing his leadership skills and generosity, never judging those asking the difficult questions.

Michael McDevitt a well-known family man and entrepreneur, found his next great professional success when he started Tandem Legal Group in 2012. A group that aimed to get away from the cookie-cutter world of investing, in order to expand the limitless opportunities with young businesses as an investor.

Tandem Legal Group has never been afraid of taking risks and is willing to petition all businesses that show hope and willingness. This is where the relationship between Michael McDevitt and his investment journey first began. At the time, these companies had great products and little direction. To the core, the investment groups had a group of individuals who wanted to succeed, grow, and expand into a larger corporation but needed the backing of a strategic investment partner. Tandem Legal Group saw the possibilities of success and offered up its services, with a professional partnership to help guide the business.

Understanding the value of this opportunity, businesses accepted graciously, and once the legal agreements were settled, Tandem Legal Group got to work taking this product to the production level that was needed to grow, mentoring the team of young business executives. Michael McDevitt and some of his investment companies became unstoppable as they entered the competitive market to join forces with

Tandem's unique tagline “BIKE: Be yourself, Innovate, Kindness, and Engagement” was certainly incorporated as the pair moved together, striving to uphold the overall values of the company, Tandem Legal Group showed up with their innovative strategy to success.

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