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New CPG Brand Leveraged the Power of AI to Fundraise, Plan and Successfully Launch Its Ethnic Frozen Foods Brand.

Photo of Yummy Jamaican Foods

CEO of Yummy Jamaican Ventures, Heather Elliott Whitehead

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Yummy Jamaican Flavor Pouches

Yummy Jamaican Ventures, LLC, a Frozen Foods Startup Launched its Hearty Jamaican Frozen Soups Brand, the result of which was largely powered by AI.

With the growing demand for international flavors and convenience, our new line of frozen soups offer consumers a delicious and authentic taste of Jamaica, without ever going to the island.”
— Heather Elliott-Whitehead

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Yummy Jamaican touts itself as being the first and only preservative free, Pot-to-Pouch ethnic Caribbean frozen soup brand, to enter the U.S. Frozen Foods and CPG market. The Yummy Jamaican Frozen Soups line features three flavors: Hearty Beef, Hearty Chicken and Hearty Red Peas. Made with traditional Jamaican ingredients and proprietary seasonings, each soup flavor is expertly concocted to deliver a rich, indigenous and authentic taste experience. With the convenience of sustainable frozen packaging, Yummy Jamaican Frozen Soups can be enjoyed anytime or stored for future use.

"We are thrilled to introduce Yummy Jamaican Frozen Soups to consumers across the country," said Heather Elliott-Whitehead, CEO of Yummy Jamaican Ventures, LLC. "With the growing demand for international flavors and convenience, we believe that our new line of frozen soups will offer consumers a delicious and authentic taste of Jamaica, without the need to spend an extensive amount of time in the kitchen. What is most significant in our brand story so far however, is the utilization and impact of AI in our pre-planning to launch stages. What we were able to accomplish in a few months is an example of how far the industry can go with the use of intelligently programmed chatbots. The way in which we used Artificial Intelligence to source information was a game-changer for us. We used AI in every area of our development so far including in our initial seed funding efforts. We couldn’t begin to imagine what it would cost for consulting fees if we were not able to utilize the genius that is AI. This is unprecedented.”

Heather, a former Communications and Administrative Executive , was tasked with leading the fundraising and start-up efforts for the new brand. She used her knowledge of research and communications best practices to engage the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, in an intense and immersive way to help source funding opportunities and initiatives and best practices for a CPG (consumer packaged goods) startup. She was able to use information sourced to write the company’s business plan, secure community access programs provided by the government, get licensing information and even a commercial kitchen facility through the artificial intelligence tools. Through the knowledge shared from the various interactions, Elliott-Whitehead and her team were also able to successfully crowdfund the entire startup cost for the new Frozen Foods business in under ten days.

Yummy Jamaican is currently operating mainly under a D2C model with limited distribution in New York State. The company is continuing to leverage the use of ChatGPT and other AI resources including AI tools that can help to enhance the features of its social media platforms to lead social media activities.

Yummy Jamaican Ventures, LLC is a provider of Jamaican flavored frozen soups, offering three variety of flavors to consumers in the United States.

Kara Williamson
Yummy Jamaican Ventures, LLC

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