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Propane Council of Texas Unveils Essential Safety Tips for Memorial Day BBQs

Grilling Memorial Day

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, May 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- As we gather together on Memorial Day to honor and remember the courageous sacrifices of our fallen military personnel, it is customary to unite with our loved ones in the spirit of gratitude and remembrance. Backyard barbecues have evolved into a cherished tradition during this meaningful holiday, and to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, the Propane Council of Texas shares our top tips for propane grilling this Memorial Day.

1. Pre-Grilling Preparations: Before firing up your grill, carefully inspect all propane connections and hoses for leaks or damage. A simple mixture of soap and water can help identify any potential leaks with the appearance of bubbles when applied to the connections.

Also, ensure your grill is situated in an open, well-ventilated area away from your home, buildings, overhanging branches, deck railings, eaves, and any combustible materials.

2. Light the Flame Responsibly: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for lighting the propane grill safely. Always keep the lid open when igniting the grill, and never ignite the grill with the lid closed.

3. Grill Like a Pro: Keep a watchful eye on the grill while it's in use, and never leave it unattended.

4. Tame the Flames: Keep the grill and grease-catch tray clean and free of excess grease buildup to minimize the risk of flare-ups or fires, and always keep a fire extinguisher close at hand and familiarize yourself with its usage.

5. Post-Grilling Tips: Turn off burners and ensure the propane supply is shut off when you're finished grilling. Allow the grill to cool down completely before attempting to clean or cover it.

6. Storing Cylinders With Safety In Mind: Store propane cylinders in an upright position, outdoors, in a well-ventilated area, and away from any ignition sources. Do not store spare propane cylinders near the grill or inside your home or garage.

For more information on safe grilling practices, follow the grill manufacturer's directions, and for more about propane, please visit www.propanecounciloftexas.org.

Jackie Mason
Propane Council of Texas
+1 800-325-7427

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