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SenSen, Australia’s leading smart city solutions innovator, expands in North America with a contract win to 'Code the Curb' for Toronto Parking Authority.

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The launch of 'Code the Curb' is a major milestone for SenSen and we are excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to the world.”
— Subhash Challa, Executive Chairman & CEO

TORONTO, CANADA, August 21, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- SenSen, a prominent innovator in smart city solutions from Australia, secures a 'Code the Curb' contract with the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA), further expanding its North American presence.

In collaboration with TPA, SenSen is digitizing the City of Toronto curbside, enabling interactive maps for insights into parking operations, productivity, and mobility. Real-time insights via advanced AI tech enhance curbside management and safety. The launch marks transformative change, reinforcing SenSen's global commitment to innovative solutions for equitable urban development.

Data like this can enable city managers to improve productivity, increase mobility, reduce wait and drop-off times, improve shared experiences, provide more equitable sharing of public open space between transport operators, pedestrians and business owners, and manage assets more efficiently.

The TPA, at the forefront of adopting this groundbreaking solution, has witnessed valuable insights, which could be used for improvements in asset management, paid parking operations, and curbside utilisation. SenSen's partnership with the TPA has demonstrated the potential of ‘Code the Curb’ in terms of ease of use, accuracy, and scalability, delivering significant value to the city and its customers.

Based on SenSen’s experience with smart cities worldwide, the benefits of digitised curb assets are prized by Councils, municipalities, business leaders and citizens.

Making ‘Code the Curb’ possible is SenSen’s advanced Live Awareness AI technology capable of integrating data collected from the physical world with digital data streams allowing civic managers to have real-time insights like never before.

"The launch of 'Code the Curb' is a major milestone for SenSen and we are excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to the world," said Subhash Challa, CEO of SenSen. "Our innovative solution empowers cities to optimise curb management, enhance traffic flow, and create safer environments for pedestrians and drivers. It is a testament to SenSen's commitment to driving transformative change through AI-powered smart city solutions. The positive reception from new customers underscores the global demand for innovative smart city solutions that offer a sustainable approach to urban development,” Dr Challa said.

“SenSen is proud to be at the forefront of change as modern cities navigate complex stakeholder demands in a way that is fair and equitable.”

This work follows successful ‘Code the Curb’ contracts delivery with the University of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver. ‘Code the Curb’ technology was built upon extensive work across multiple cities in Australia including some of the smartest cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and some of the largest cities in the USA. SenSen has coded the curb for on-street parking ordinance assets in the Cities of Las Vegas and Chicago In the USA. It is now working with multiple cities in the USA to bring this groundbreaking technology to their service.

‘Code the Curb’ empowers decision makers to gain real-time insights into curbside activities, optimise traffic flow and parking management, enhance safety for pedestrians and drivers and enable smarter urban planning and infrastructure development. It comes at a time when owners and managers of public assets worldwide are increasingly turning to technology to supplement decision making for equitable sharing of resources between competing interest groups.

For more information about ‘Code the Curb’ technology and SenSen's other innovative smart city solutions, please visit www.sensen.ai.

About SenSen:

An innovator in smart urban management solutions, SenSen leads the way in AI technology with the pioneering Live Awareness AI Platform. This revolutionary system analyzes data from cameras and sensors in real-world spaces, seamlessly integrating it with contextually significant digital enterprise data for a safer and more efficient global landscape.

SenSen's solutions are alleviating traffic congestion, enhancing road and personal safety, and elevating urban life in prominent cities like Chicago, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Calgary, Singapore, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Additionally, the company's AI-driven technology is generating substantial annual savings for major fuel retail brands, including Ampol, Chevron, Liberty, and Woolworths.

For more information on SenSen's innovative live awareness AI solutions, please visit www.sensen.ai.

Available for interview: Subhash Challa, noted authority on AI and Smart Cities, is available for interviews at subhash.challa@sensen.ai

Prateek Goyan
SenSen Networks

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