Destination California: An underground adventure in Fresno

Destination California

Along Shaw Avenue near Highway 99 in Fresno, you see a sign advertising an adventure that’s underground.

Past rows of citrus trees and grapevines, you make your way downstairs into the Forestiere Underground Gardens. This was the home of founder Baldassare Forestiere.

Building an underground oasis was not his original plan.

Rock-solid surface prevented him from planting crops. So, with a few hand tools and technology at the time known as the “Fresno Scraper,” he carved out a new plan.

“He attached it to a couple of mules and that helped haul out the dirt, but everything was simple hand tools. He couldn’t afford to dynamite-out the hard pan like a lot of other farmers were doing in the Valley at that time,” said operations manager Cami Cipolla.

After 40 years, Forestiere created a home with bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, and even a grand ballroom.

He soon learned living underground had some cool advantages.

As you walk into the Underground Gardens, you drop about 10 feet below ground and you immediately feel the cooler temperatures. It’s about 10 degrees cooler than above ground.

Nearly 75 years after his death, the labor and love of Forestiere is catching the attention of tourists from around California and across the country.

Forestiere was also able to plant a few trees underground that still stand and produce fresh fruit to this day.

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