The gigantic Cabazon Dinosaurs are one of the most iconic roadside attractions in the country.

Back in 1975, Claude Bell built the first of the ginormous pair, Dinny the Dinosaur, as a passion project. In 1986, the second dinosaur, Mr. Rex was completed.

Joshua, a wrangler at the Cabazon Dinosaurs, explained that Bell enjoyed building sculptures and his family owned the Wheel Inn restaurant, which is across the street from the display. So, in order to increase foot traffic to the establishment, Bell went to work and decided to build the two dinosaurs.

To change things up during the coronavirus pandemic, the dinosaurs were given a new look. Since October 2020, they have been painted to match the season. For example, Mr. Rex has sported an Easter bunny costume and a Santa suit.

The T-Rex is 65 feet tall and the Apatosaurus sculpture is 150 feet long.

Besides the two giant sculptures, there’s plenty to do at the site. There are a bunch of faux dinosaur eggs and even dinosaur stuffed animals.

For the park’s hours and ticket prices, head here.