Destination California: Castle Air Museum

Destination California
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More than 70 aircraft are brought to life on display at the Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California.

Navy veteran, Noel Sadac, is able to tell the story of two generations of his family through some of the planes on display.

“That MC30 back there is something I flew in when I was in … so I can relate stories to that … Some of these aircrafts my dad helped like supply, and he saw them fly off the aircraft carriers when he was in, so we have that history that we could relate to the aircraft up here,” Sadac said.

More than 80 years of aviation history sits on 25 acres of land. 

“A lot of the airplanes here actually served in harm’s way and a lot of people actually associated with the museum actually flew the B-52s and KC135 tankers here at what was Castle Air Force base,” said Joe Pruzzo, the executive director at Castle Air Museum.

The retired Air Force One that flew presidents starting with Gerald Ford to George W. Bush is on display at the museum and if that isn’t enough, you can check out a fighter jet like the F-14 that Tom Cruise flew in “Top Gun.”

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