Destination California: Swimming with sharks in La Jolla

Destination California

Shark season is just starting up in the waters near La Jolla.

There are plenty of ways to interact with a native species of sharks.

From June to October, the Pacific Ocean near La Jolla’s shores gets a few extra visitors.

There’s a few ways to see them. Local tour guides with Everyday California operate hour-and-a-half kayak tours where you’ll even get to go through the La Jolla Caves.

You could call this a leopard shark nursery.

Female sharks travel to the warmer waters of La Jolla annually to speed up the gestation period, which is about nine months.

By mid-August, you can spot hundreds of leopard sharks from a bird’s eye view.

Tour guides recommend the snorkeling tour as the best way to get a peek of the sharks, and don’t worry, there’s no reason to fear these new swimming buddies. But make sure to look but don’t touch. After all, we are visiting their environment.

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