A.J. Cook reprises her role as J.J. in the “Criminal Minds” reboot “Criminal Minds: Evolution.”

“It’s the ‘Criminal Minds’ you know and love, it’s just evolved,” Cook explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin.

The series picks up after “COVID, quarantine, and lockdown.” She explained how her character J.J. is dealing with struggles that many have in real-life during that unprecedented time.

“She’s spread too thin trying to be a mom and working,” she revealed. “We’re trying to make it very real and boy, J.J. is exhausted.”

Cook even got the chance to direct a few episodes herself. To add to the series’ uniqueness, her children on-screen are her real-life sons.

She said the show is a big “love fest” on set and the whole cast loves to see one another succeed.

“Criminal Minds: Evolution” premieres Nov. 24 on Paramount+.