Emmy-award winning actress Loretta Devine steals the screen as a blind stripper who owns a strip club called “The Pynk” in the Starz’s “P-Valley.”

The series is entering Season 2 and it’s been much anticipated by the fans. “People that watched the first season are absolutely hooked and have been begging for this to come back,” Devine said. “It’s going to be incredible once people get in to it.”

While there is a steaminess to the show, Devine credits the athleticism among the women who are working the pole. “The girls are all athletes,” she explained. “They aren’t just strippers, they are extraordinary.”

Devine’s character also gets a chance to show off her moves as well. “I didn’t know what I was doing,” she laughed. “That’s what it was like, but it worked!”

One thing is for sure, the “Waiting to Exhale” star stays booked and busy.

She’s lending her voice in the new Disney Junior animated series “Eureka.” “I have shows for the kids, shows for the teenagers and shows for adults,” she laughed.

While this isn’t the busiest Devine has been, it’s very close. “It’s a lot harder with the pandemic and everything,” she explained. “That adds pressure to everything.”

Season 2 of “P Valley” premieres on Starz Sunday at 9 p.m.