Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are back again for “Murder Mystery 2,” the funny action-packed sequel to the 2019 film.

“We have fun, we enjoy being a married couple together,” Sandler told KTLA 5’s Olivia de Bortoli.

Aniston gushed that the “Big Daddy” actor is “so good to his cast and his crew.”

If the cast were to ever be involved in a real murder mystery, costar Jodie Turner Smith, who plays Countess Sekou, believes it would be one person.

“Adam because I think he would be so unsuspecting,” Turner Smith said. “I don’t think anybody would think Adam Sandler murdered anybody.”

The “SNL” alum wasn’t too surprised by the claim.

“I get away with some stuff,” he revealed.

“You would just get somebody else to do it,” Aniston joked. “You would just do that.”

The comedian also showed off his stuntman skills.

Sandler did a lot of his own stunts and costar Mark Strong actually punched him in the face.

“I haven’t been punched in the face since I was 18,” he confessed. “He brought it back and I went straight to tears.”

“Murder Mystery 2” is streaming now on Netflix.