Saturday night was the North American premiere of “Amy’s F It List,” an award-winning film with a strong woman’s story and surprise twists and turns throughout.

The film had its big debut just months after winning the “Best Dark Comedy” award at the Cannes Film Festival.

The film was directed by Mark S. Allen, a dear friend of KTLA’s own Sam Ruben and a former colleague of Megan Telles.

It’s the seventh feature film for Allen as a producer, but his first behind the camera as director.

The film stars Alyson Gorske, who also stars in “Obliterated,” an upcoming Netflix series from the creators of the hit show “Cobra Kai,” as well as Angel Prater, whose credits include appearances in “Animal Kingdom” and “Keeping Up With The Joneses.”

Bailiff Byrd of “Judge Judy” fame, also appears in the film in a familiar courtroom setting, albeit this time he’s the one wearing judge’s robes.

The film premieres for streaming on Valentine’s Day on Amazon Prime.