An Insider’s Look at L.A.’s Movie Landmarks — Lu Parker Reports

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Lu Parker reports.

He’s rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in showbiz and now he’s sharing his stories in a unique way.

It’s a chance to ride next to a man who takes you to film locations you may pass every day going to work.

Ahhh, Pretty Woman, is one of the most recognizable films of all time.

“Thats where it is. That’s where Richard Gear climbed up and rescued Julia Roberts from the escape. Omg…yes, we get that response every time..everyone loves that movie,” says Sandro Monetti,

And you will love finding places like this, the Las Palmas Hotel.

“It’s just an average hotel off Hollywood Blvd., but for movie fans it’s one of the greatest places on earth,” Monetti says.

The stop is one of nearly 40 you’ll find on the TOURific Escapes celebrity insider movie locations bus tour.

Sandro Monetti serves as tour host, the British journalist who has interviewed hundreds of celebrities has insider stories that thrill tourists and locals.

“We are pulling up to crossroads of the world an oasis of beauty in the middle of Hollywood,” Monetti says.

This landmark on Sunset Blvd. has been used in films like L.A. Confidential, Indecent Proposal and most recently, Argo.

“You may remember the scene, that fence in front is where Ben Affleck and Alan Arkin are walking by headed in to try to sell the scripts,” Monetti recalls.

“Casablanca.. you must remember this. One of the classic of all time, but did you know it was filmed at a British themed pub in Hollywood, Monetti asks.

That pub is the Cat and the Fiddle, just down from our KTLA studios.

“When Casablanca was shot it wasn’t a bar. It was a mini mall,” Monetti reveals.

The insider stories are fascinating, expect two hours of film trivia.

“It’s where Nicolas Cage got drunk in Leaving Las Vegas. It’s the bar where cops went to in L.A. Confidential,” according to Monetti.

And most recently the bar called Boardners was the set for parts of Sean Pean’s film Gangster Squad.

“Sorry if I’m spoiling it for those of you who haven’t seen’s where the shoe shine boy gets killed..there’s a huge shootout outside.

— Lu Parker, KTLA News

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