André 3000 is dropping new music for the first time in almost two decades.

On Tuesday morning, the artist made the announcement to fans in a post to Instagram.

It showed an illustration of the Atlanta native holding a flute.

“André 3000 New Blue Sun November 17 2023,” the caption read.

The flute is notable, as this won’t be a rap album, and André won’t be singing.

All he is doing is playing the flute and lots of it. He’ll be playing the “contrabass flute, Mayan flutes, bamboo flutes,” according to NPR.

In an announcement obtained by Variety, André called the project “an entirely instrumental album centered around woodwinds; a celebratory piece of work in the form of a living, breathing, aural organism.”

The outlet described the new album as “a stunning 87-minute mind-bender, minimalist and experimental, tribal and transcendent.

While there aren’t any lyrics to any of the songs, the ATLien is in on the joke with the song titles.

One song is titled, “I swear, I Really Wanted To Make A ‘Rap’ Album But This Is Literally The Way The Wind Blew Me This Time.”

Born André Benjamin, he and rapper Big Boi comprised the best-selling rap duo OutKast.

OutKast has not released a new album in 17 years, although André has guest-starred on many artists’ tracks from Beyoncé to Ke$ha.

In 2006, OutKast released the album “Idlewild.” It was marked as the final studio album from the duo.