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Angelique Cabral joined us to talk about her latest series “Maggie,” a comedy about a psychic named Maggie and how her life is a mess and everyone around her is trying to help her pick the pieces back up. Although she is pretty good at telling others fortunes, she is not very good about predicting what’s going to happen in her own life as she navigates through friendships and romance.

If this show feels a little familiar, it’s because it came from the same creators of “Life in Pieces” that Cabral also starred in. The actress feels at home on the set because of the history she has shared with the showrunners and producers over the years. “It gives me a sense of stability and I feel very grounded” Angelique said. “I love going to work.”

She also touched on how it is such a “gorgeous time” on being an actor and actress right now. ‘”There is a plethora of roles for all ages and all sizes” she said. As a women in her forties she feels like the “world is her oyster” and it’s exciting to be in “shows that are about women for women.”

The entire first season of “Maggie” is now streaming on Hulu.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on July 20 2022.