Actress Anna Kendrick normally plays funny and quirky characters, but she gets out of her comfort zone in the new movie “Alice, Darling.”

KTLA 5’s Olivia de Bortoli sat down with Kendrick to talk about the dramatic role in the film.

“It’s a psychological drama,” she explained. “It’s about a woman in an abusive relationship and she goes on a weekend trip with two of her closest friends and they end up, slowly but surely, drawing her out and letting her see the light of what she’s actually experiencing.”

The “Pitch Perfect” star explained how the subject matter was very personal for her and how she was looking for a role that was more “restrained” and “different” for her.

“I was honing tools that I really like. I (was) very aware of the camera, very aware of the schedule,” she said. “I think I got into a little bit of a rhythm that I lost sight of what I was trying to achieve.”

“Alice, Darling” hits theaters in Los Angeles on Dec. 30 and nationwide early in 2023.