Anthony Anderson may have one of the most handsome beards in Hollywood.

When it comes to his looks, he credits his good genes.

“My mom’s a very handsome woman,” he joked to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News.

His mom, Doris Hancox, better known as Mama Doris, has appeared alongside the comedian in commercials and even co-hosted the gameshow “To Tell The Truth” with him.

“My mother thinks she’s the star of the family,” he laughed. “My mother has more assistants than I do. I have one. My mom has a team of about three or four and they do nothing! Her lead assistant and best friend is Drunk Bobbi.”

The Compton native’s latest project is sans Doris, but it does include comedic heavyweight Eddie Murphy in the movie “You People.” Anderson’s role is a callback to the 2002 film, “Barbershop.”

“It’s a good barbershop scene with myself, Eddie, Jonah (Hill) and a bunch of people,” he revealed.

The movie is very L.A.-centric, which Anderson called a “love letter” to the City of Angels.

He’s keeping busy considering this is the first year since “black-ish” completed its final season.

“I miss going to work every day with my cast and crew, but we did eight years, 176 episodes. We couldn’t have asked for anything more,” he said. “Except for maybe, two more years. Then get it to 10. Then I’d be set for life.”

All jokes aside, Anderson is also a staunch advocate for diabetes. Over 20 years ago he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He was the first person to receive the diagnosis in his family. Later both his parents were diagnosed as well. He ultimately lost his father due to complications from the disease.

Now the “Law & Order” star has partnered with Novo Nordisk to bring awareness and tools about the disease to those in need.

“We have a great campaign where people can go to the website and learn how to live with diabetes and not die from it,” he explained.

To control his diabetes, Anderson began making lifestyle changes like eating better and exercising.

“Doing that made my beard grow and glow,” he laughed.

With a glowing beard and a healthy body, Anderson said his next project will include nude television.

“Come September I will be hosting ‘The Full Monty.’ It’s a charity show that’s huge in the U.K.,” he explained. “I’m going to be one of the hosts and at the end of the show, we are completely naked. So, I have until September to get chiseled.”

We’re still not quite sure if he was joking or not.

Watch Anderson in “You People,” which is currently streaming on Netflix.