Arian Moayed joined us live to talk about his new drama, “The Courtroom.”

Written by the breakout star and directed by Lee Sunday Evans, the legal thriller is given a bold and innovative new twist. Adapted verbatim from court transcripts, “The Courtroom” follows the harrowing journey of Elizabeth Keathley (Kristin Villanueva) a Filipina immigrant who mistakenly registers to vote while on a K3 visa, a crime punishable by deportation.

Married with a newborn baby, Elizabeth, with the support of her husband and the tireless efforts of their lawyer, struggles to navigate an increasingly convoluted and nightmarish legal system.

Originally presented as a critically acclaimed off-Broadway play, “The Courtroom” successfully captures the intensity and intimacy of live theater while also feeling undeniably cinematic.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on June 22, 2022.