Netflix has a slew of major action projects set to premiere this summer and one of them is “Extraction 2,” starring Chris Hemsworth.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was recently named the streamer’s new Chief Action Officer, has some tips for the “Thor” actor.

In Netflix’s latest promotional video, the two actors catch up in the company’s elevator. Schwarzenegger, famous for his one-liners in action films, revealed he has some ideas up his sleeve for Hemsworth.

“Like, you could hit the guy with a giant clock and you say ‘Your time is up,” the former California governor said. “Or you could punch a guy, knock his teeth out then say ‘You were overdue for an extraction.’ You have to admit that one is cool, huh?”

Hemsworth politely takes the tips but ruins the moment when the “Terminator” star mentions a helicopter scene, to which the actor poorly attempts to mimic Schwarzenegger’s iconic line “Get to the choppa” from 1987’s “Predator.”

An unamused Schwarzenegger gives him the side-eye, and the elevator doors open. Hemsworth digs himself deeper by saying “Hasta la vista, baby” instead of just goodbye.

“Extraction 2” will premiere on Netflix on June 16.

Schwarzenegger’s “Fubar” is streaming now.