Just a few months ago, Aubrey O’Day returned to the United States after living in Bali for the past two years.

“It was calming. There’s no entertainment industry. There are no ‘lights, camera, action.’ There’s no Hollywood, there aren’t even TVs. I didn’t watch TV for two years,” she revealed to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News.

While living on the island, the Danity Kane singer learned about alternative medicines and the importance of breathwork.

However, while the former “Apprentice” contestant was decompressing overseas, she received a lot of hate online over her Instagram photos.

One person on TikTok accused the singer of photoshopping her photos and claimed the singer was still in the U.S.

O’Day slammed those allegations.

“The one thing she got right is there are some photoshopped photos. But, not because I wasn’t in Bali,” she explained. “But because when you’re hiking 10 miles down a mountain for hours and hours, you don’t get to the bottom and look like that. I had pit stains and my hair was soaking wet. I don’t want to be one of those people that holds out a selfie camera for hours.”

“I take photos of the place and I take photos after, and I like it better that way because I can control my art. I look at my Instagram like a piece of art. I don’t post anything normal.”

When it comes to her art, she’s back in the studio making new music. Her latest single “Couple Goals” was inspired by her relationship with “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D.

“I wrote it after the relationship but I didn’t release it because I still had so much trauma and I wanted to make sure my intention was pure and that I wasn’t trying to get anything from it other than to share my story,” she revealed.

When Sam asked her if the fist-pumping DJ was a good or bad guy, O’Day said it was the latter.

“If we’re going to put it out there, you gave me only two options. I’m going to have to go with the bad one.”

Her coinciding video the song features her nude, which she said was her way of showing her “fearless side” against criticism of her body. Back in 2020, unflattering photos of the star surfaced online. She claimed they were not her.

The uncensored video is on OnlyFans.

“I did it also because we have to kind of evolve with the times and over quarantine during COVID, OnlyFans became a billion-dollar company and there’s a lot of money there,” she said. “It’s not necessarily a place that is only for adult fun. You can also bring your fans over to that site.”

“Couple Goals” is available everywhere you get your music.