Next year the Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 30th anniversary and AJ McLean plans to honor the milestone the best way he knows how.

“I’ve told all my friends, ‘in 30 years I’ve never gotten a Backstreet Boys tattoo,'” he explained. “But on the anniversary I will be going live getting a Backstreet Boys tattoo, that is going to happen. I feel like 30 years, that is a staple, I think it’s time.”

April 20 will mark three decades the legendary late pop band has been together, and they’re still going strong. They’re currently two months into their DNA World Tour, and so far they’re selling out every night. McLean could not be any happier.

“It’s an honor, and it’s a privilege to be back on the road again. Obviously, two years off was a blessing and a curse,” he explained. “It was great to be home with my kids and just be able to regroup and just take care of myself, and really get in the best mindset. But also I missed being on the road, we all did. I missed being on the tour bus. I missed seeing the band. I missed being onstage.”

McLean has been in show business since he was four. He calls being onstage his “safe place.”

“It’s just where I belong,” he confessed. “I’m much more geeky, nerdy, awkward offstage.”

While touring with the band, McLean is also pursuing a solo album.

His first single “Smoke” was just released, and in between legs of the tour he shot the music video for his song “Electric.” His album will be available the beginning of 2023.

As for the Backstreet Boys, the band is finally releasing a Christmas album. Yes, after almost 30 years, the band is finally recording an album for the holidays.

When it comes to all the hits, McLean’s favorite Backstreet Boys song is one that was never released, but it’s one the BSB Army are sure to know. It’s called “Siberia” and it appeared in the album “Never Gone.”

“It’s haunting. It’s got such a great mood,” he said. “It truly translates great live.”

The band hasn’t performed the song in probably 15 years, according to McLean.

McLean’s single “Smoke” is out everywhere you get your music.

“A Very Backstreet Christmas” comes out Oct. 14. You can preorder now here.